Re: [NEWBIE] Adding variables into struct player_special_data_saved

From: Mike Stilson (
Date: 09/22/02

On Sun, Sep 22, 2002 at 04:23:23AM +0200, Peter d wrote:
>>[1] Mythical number, I have no clue how many lines of code the ascii
>>conversion is, but I know it's a bunch.  For right now, I'm using both
>>sql and binary, ascii isn't used at all.
>well.. i have already performed a pwipe, and adding 500[1] lines of code
>isn't actually that fun :)
>what is sql and what is it good for, and can it be used with windows 2000?

[nutshell version]
sql is a database language.  you need to be running a database server to
use it.  Yes, it can be used with win2k.  It's a lot of work to convert
the mud to it, and takes a good bit of understanding of the information
you're storing.

>thanx for all the help..


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