Re: [BUG] Rent Problems

From: Mythran (
Date: 09/29/02

From: "James Robbins" <exodia@ATLANTIC.NET>
> We have happened apon a bug in the mud I play, were all kinda baffled by it. I
> figured I would ask you guys and see if you had any kinda idea as to what the
> problem could be.  It seems that while characters rent, then come back on they
> are charged 5 time normal rent.  This is starting to drive some of the players
> crazy.  Cant find anything wrong in the code..  Any ideas?

Well, it would help if we knew what is going on in the code...maybe a debug
trace?  Anywho, you can email me personally and I will help...if you do it this
weekend as I do work (really, I do, but I don't care about it, otherwise I would
be programming OasisOLC :P).  Anywho, let me know, I will post the results if
they are useful to the CircleMUD community.


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