Re: Strange Issues with AFF_BLIND

From: Templar Viper (
Date: 10/01/02

From: "Mathew Earle Reuther" <graymere@ZIPCON.NET>
> I'm having an odd problem and I am at a loss as to where to look to fix
> it.  Here's the scenario: if someone has bless cast upon them, they appear
> to be blessed (as per score and stat) but they also appear to be blind . .
> . sort of.  In actuality, only the person who is affected thinks they're
> blind.  Stat shows no such effect on them, and they are not listed as
> "stumbling around blindly" when you look in the room they're in.  Here's

Sorry, my fault. In the first version of the patch (Which I assume you used)
there's this bug. The new patch (with dg_Scripts and olc) should be bug
free as far as I know, so you can compare your circlemud to that one.
If you need any further help, I'm glad to give any assistance since it's my
fault anyway :)

> I'm running bpl21(22) with olc, dg8, and (possibly most importantly) the
> 128 bits for bpl21 patch.  I've made changes to the way spells are
> handled, though from checking over those portions of the code, I can't see
> a single reason why this would be happening.

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