Strange Issues with AFF_BLIND

From: Mathew Earle Reuther (
Date: 10/01/02

I'm having an odd problem and I am at a loss as to where to look to fix
it.  Here's the scenario: if someone has bless cast upon them, they appear
to be blessed (as per score and stat) but they also appear to be blind . .
. sort of.  In actuality, only the person who is affected thinks they're
blind.  Stat shows no such effect on them, and they are not listed as
"stumbling around blindly" when you look in the room they're in.  Here's
some logs of what the various screens look like:

Here we see the spell being cast on someone and them looking around, the
doing a score command:

Implementor completes his invocation, gesturing at you and speaking the
words, 'bless'.
You feel righteous.

> look
You can't see a damned thing, you're blind!

> score
You are 17 years old.
  It's your birthday today.
You have 11(11) hit, 100(100) mana and 83(83) movement points.
Your armor class is 90/10, and your alignment is 0.
You have scored 1 exp, and have 0 gold coins.
You need 4873 exp to reach your next level.
You have been playing for 0 days and 0 hours.
This ranks you as Iruk  (level 1).
You are standing.
You have been blinded!

Then Implementor stats him:
male PC 'Iruk'  IDNum: [    4], In room [ 3005]
L-Des: <None>
Class: Cleric, Lev: [ 1], XP: [      1], Align: [   0]
Created: [Tue Oct  1], Last Logon: [Tue Oct  1], Played [0h 0m], Age [17]
Hometown: [1], Speaks: [0/0/0], (STL[7]/per[17]/NSTL[2])
Str: [16/0]  Int: [10]  Wis: [12]  Dex: [15]  Con: [14]  Cha: [6]
Hit p.:[11/11+13]  Mana p.:[100/100+8]  Move p.:[83/83+20]
Coins: [        0], Bank: [        0] (Total: 0)
AC: [100-1/10], Hitroll: [ 2], Damroll: [ 0], Saving throws: [0/0/0/0/-1]
Pos: Standing, Fighting: Nobody, Connected: Playing, Idle Timer (in tics)
PRF: C1 C2
Carried: weight: 0, items: 0; Items in: inventory: 0, eq: 0
Hunger: 9, Thirst: 9, Drunk: 0
Master is: Illya, Followers are: <none>
SPL: (  2hr) bless                 -1 to SAVING_VOID
SPL: (  2hr) bless                 +2 to HITROLL

(Notice, the stat thinks he has been sancted, which is not the case!)

It is important to note thet the blindness stays on until the last spell
wears off on the person involved.  Death also resets things so they are no
longer blinded.

I'm running bpl21(22) with olc, dg8, and (possibly most importantly) the
128 bits for bpl21 patch.  I've made changes to the way spells are
handled, though from checking over those portions of the code, I can't see
a single reason why this would be happening.

I have not cast every spell to see what odd affects it has.  I'm working
on it from the angle of the bless spell being messed up.  (Since I don't
cast spells after every patch, I'm not sure what happened here.)

Any ideas at all?  Thanks for any assistance in advance.


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