Re: Strange Issues with AFF_BLIND

From: Thomas Arp (
Date: 10/01/02

From: "Mathew Earle Reuther" <graymere@ZIPCON.NET>
> I'm having an odd problem and I am at a loss as to where to look to fix
> it.  Here's the scenario: if someone has bless cast upon them, they appear
> to be blessed (as per score and stat) but they also appear to be blind . .
> . sort of.  In actuality, only the person who is affected thinks they're
> blind.  Stat shows no such effect on them, and they are not listed as
> "stumbling around blindly" when you look in the room they're in.

Are they listed as 'glowing with a white aura' as per the sanct spell ?
What are the bit values for AFF_SANCT, AFF_BLESS and AFF_BLIND ?

What does the relevant pieces of code look like - do_look() and
do_score() and mag_affects() for instance?

Have you defined the names for the bitvector correctly in constants.c ?
It's quite easy to miss one, if you add more spells.

> Master is: Illya, Followers are: <none>
> SPL: (  2hr) bless                 -1 to SAVING_VOID
> SPL: (  2hr) bless                 +2 to HITROLL
> (Notice, the stat thinks he has been sancted, which is not the case!)
> It is important to note thet the blindness stays on until the last spell
> wears off on the person involved.  Death also resets things so they are no
> longer blinded.
Strange. Have you put in a check to zero out the AFF_ bitvector when no
more affections are present ? - this would explain it.

I'd say this is definately a 128bit problem. My guess is you're setting
a bit the wrong way - or reading it the wrong way.


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