From: Ben D Heise (
Date: 10/01/02

I have heard that bpl22 was released, if so, whats a link to it? i cannot find anything on the ftp server...

is oasisolc 2.0.1 the latest release? if not, whats a link to that? latest I have found is the upgraded olc 2.0.1...

when is the next version of oasisolc going to be out? I dont mean to pester, I know everyone but me has a life, please bear with my exuberance...

also, I am having a problem with zedit olc 2.0.1(upgraded etc) it will not edit a room above 99 in zone 0. is this a bug that has been fixed and there is a patch somewhere, or is going to be completed in a later version of olc?

thanks, (especially to the creator of oasisolc!)


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