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From: Mythran (
Date: 10/02/02

I wait and wait for an OasisOLC post, and then I get sick for a couple of days.
During those days, ppl post about Oasis...aaarrrggghhh lol...anywho, I am the new
maintainer.  For what I am attempting to accomplish, it may take a little while
for the next release.  I just got my inet connection back (switched from DSL to
wireless 1.5 Mb)  Hopefully, this will be a constant isp (not being bought out).

Heck, I am still waiding through the OasisOLC I downloaded to see what I can do
to make it easier to read.  I am a heavy commenter, so hopefully everyone will
like it and be able to understand it better.  The do_oasis command has been
modified heavily and shrunk.  I separated this into separate functions again, all
called from do_oasis.  This way, even though duplication may occur (well, it is
occuring) it is readable which is a big plus.  I will try and put it back
together but still readable in the near future.

I am getting a darn bug that I should know how to fix but I am still polishing my
C after the tons of dust lying on top of it.  When I print an arg parameter in
cedit, in the gdb after I gdb the core, it says it can't access 0xblah.
Everything looks right except this arg.  When I trace it, everything looks ok.
The argument is there and I can read it up to this function.  Any ideas, need a
gdb printout?


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