[Getting OT] Re: Re: Currency System

From: Greg Buxton (gbuxton@maple.he.net)
Date: 10/02/02

> A single floating point number would serve better here.  Assuming the
> denominator is always "Amber Gold," just set the rate to X/Y.

I considered that, but I decided to make it easier on the builders to figure
out, so ZEDIT when they edit that field asks how much zone money for
how much Amber gold.  Does the same in the end, just makes it easier
for Builders to see what's happening.

> Just curious, but are you automatically converting the money whenever
> the player buys/sells or picks up some coins, or do you require that
> players actually exchange currency before making a purchase?  The latter
> would make banks a bit more interesting, and depending on how often you
> fluctuate exchange rates, could make for a rather interesting economy.

I'm taking the easy way out and it's being done automatically.  Much the
same way that Random shifted the money when they made the first trip
to Amber, the mud is just assuming they did it.  Just to make it easier on
little ol' me.

> Also, as I recall, those who had shadow-walking skills in the
> "Amber Universe" could pretty much amass a fortune any time they wanted
> to.  That would certainly throw a monkey-wrench into a MUD economy.

Yeah, but they had to work for it.  Even when Corwin went diamond hunting
he still had to work for day panning for them.  It's just a case of what
of resources will be available for the Amberites to find and use.

But, we've wandered a bit far afield for this list. =P  Feel free to contact
me off list if you want to continue the going Off Topic convo.

- Greg Buxton
Shadows of Amber
shadows.drathus.org 5000

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