Re: Currency System

From: John Whitla (
Date: 10/02/02

> Just curious, but are you automatically converting the money whenever
> the player buys/sells or picks up some coins, or do you require that
> players actually exchange currency before making a purchase?  The latter
> would make banks a bit more interesting, and depending on how often you
> fluctuate exchange rates, could make for a rather interesting economy.

I like the idea.  Varying exchange rates could actually generate interest in
zone exploration, by making their currency more valuable.  And the
calculation of exchange rates could be automated, changing daily, weekly,
whatever.  But I wouldn't want to necessarily have to start doing lots of
floating point calculations.  Seems to me that could be expensive both in
terms of processing time and memory.  I would be inclined to keep my
exchange rates defined in terms of ints.

> Personally, I like the idea of having to carry around different types of
> currency, and then trying to get it exchanged when I travel to another
> region.  It adds just a little more challenge to the game.

I like that aspect too.  Plus, you could elect to introduce favoritism in
various exchange situations: prices/exchange rates could vary based on
things like intelligence, charisma, race, etc; shopkeepers/moneylenders
could behave differently from banks; "branches" of banks could exist based
on class; thieves could rob banks; etc.  This could potentially provide a
MUD admin with yet another way to introduce game balance....or imbalance,
depending on the desire.

And one could elect to go after the encumbrance factor: actually make money
valuable, so that the concept of hauling around 500,000gp everywhere you go
is no longer necessary, expected, or (perhaps) even possible.  50gp kicking
around in your pouch should mean something!  Of course, that's a pretty
significant change.

Hmmm....and you could have
alchemists/counterfeiters/insert-relevant-game-NPC-or-PC-type-here....and a
character could be attributed a "reputation", like being posted at the Post
Office, or being black-listed....alignment could affect who you can conduct
business with....the possibilities are endless.

Ok, so I was an economics major at school.  Can you blame me for being
interested in money? :)


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