Re: Currency System

From: Mike Breuer (
Date: 10/02/02

> ....  But I wouldn't want to necessarily have to start doing lots of
> floating point calculations.  Seems to me that could be expensive both
> terms of processing time and memory.  I would be inclined to keep my
> exchange rates defined in terms of ints.

The types of calculations we're talking about here would have only a
negligible performance impact.  It's not like a 3D graphics engine where
the processor is required to do thousands per second.  Even on a busy
MUD, you'd probably only be doing a couple exchange calculations a
minute.  That won't even spike your CPU utilization, especially on a
Pentium or better.

> Ok, so I was an economics major at school.  Can you blame me for being
> interested in money? :)

There are some interesting possibilities, but it definitely requires
some pretty heavy code changes.


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