DG scripts problem

From: Sam Moggach (micken69@hotmail.com)
Date: 10/02/02

too lazy to look through the archives for the solution to this problem.

after patching in dg scripts and making the source code compile, i run my
mud. after a while of running, gdb gives me an error on a line of code that
looks perfectly fine.. but thats a different problem.

The thing i dont like is i get a spam of Zone reset syserrors, when it tries
to reset the zone it doesnt know what the 'M' command is, but after looking
at the code, the 'M' command is defined...

Another problem i encountered is spec_assign trying to assign spec_procs to
non-existant mobs. This only happens after installing dg scripts.

This is just a brief outline of my problem, will go into greater detail if
the problem is not fixed soon. But i'm sure others have encountered these
same problems and have a solution for me! (i hope =/ )


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