Currency System

From: Mark Garringer (zizazat@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 10/02/02

Iīve been asked by the owner of the current mud project Iīm working on to
establish regional currencys. Not like 10 silver pieces equals 1 gold
piece, but more like $1 USD equals .96 euro-cents.

For that matter, I donīt really want to use īgoldī as a currency in any of
the regions, but maybe just use it as the baseline for establishing the
value of the other currencys. Objects would still be created with a value
in gold and the rent per day would be a value in gold, but it would be
translated to the regional money when shown to the player (in shops or
renting for example).

I have already established that different zones can be in different
regions, so I was planning to use that region number to control which
currency should be used. This is just a very new topic for me and Iīm not
sure how I should proceede. I seached the archives for anything relavant to
money, currency, and economy but didnīt really find anything that addressed
this type of question.

Any adivice (abtract or specific) would be wonderful!


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