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From: Greg Buxton (
Date: 10/02/02

From: "Mark Garringer" <zizazat@HOTMAIL.COM>
> Iīve been asked by the owner of the current mud project Iīm working on to
> establish regional currencys. Not like 10 silver pieces equals 1 gold
> piece, but more like $1 USD equals .96 euro-cents.
> For that matter, I donīt really want to use īgoldī as a currency in any of
> the regions, but maybe just use it as the baseline for establishing the
> value of the other currencys. Objects would still be created with a value
> in gold and the rent per day would be a value in gold, but it would be
> translated to the regional money when shown to the player (in shops or
> renting for example).

This is actually something I've mostly completed on the mud I'm currently
creating which is based on The Cronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny.

What I've done is modified the zone structure to have 3 additional fields
(well, three more for the money.)

First is a field for the name of the money in that zone (which builders can
set to whatever fits the world they're creating, be it Gold, Dollars, or
Macadamia Nuts) and then two integers for a conversion rate.  X local
to Y "Amber Gold".

In your case, you could have the label be Euros, and set the exchange rate
to be 96 to 100, or whatever you wanted.

Of course, that's really the easy part, the fun part is writing a function
automatically handle the conversion of money and then getting rid of
all the GET_GOLD(ch) calls... and the shop code. =P

If you want, feel free to contact me off list and we can actually get into
the code side of it.

- Greg Buxton
Shadows of Amber 5000

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