Re: Currency System

From: Mike Breuer (
Date: 10/02/02

> First is a field for the name of the money in that zone (which
> can
> set to whatever fits the world they're creating, be it Gold, Dollars,
> Macadamia Nuts) and then two integers for a conversion rate.  X local
> to Y "Amber Gold".

A single floating point number would serve better here.  Assuming the
denominator is always "Amber Gold," just set the rate to X/Y.

Just curious, but are you automatically converting the money whenever
the player buys/sells or picks up some coins, or do you require that
players actually exchange currency before making a purchase?  The latter
would make banks a bit more interesting, and depending on how often you
fluctuate exchange rates, could make for a rather interesting economy.

Personally, I like the idea of having to carry around different types of
currency, and then trying to get it exchanged when I travel to another
region.  It adds just a little more challenge to the game.  While this
would be a lot more complicated than the more basic approach of just
converting the money automatically, either method represents a radical
design change, and probably should not be attempted lightly.

I seem to recall that in the second Amber series, Merlin converted some
currency by waving his hand over it.  Assuming you don't just convert
the money automatically, that could be an interesting spell (or skill)
to have.  Also, as I recall, those who had shadow-walking skills in the
"Amber Universe" could pretty much amass a fortune any time they wanted
to.  That would certainly throw a monkey-wrench into a MUD economy.


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