Re: Minor Problem with Current CVS ChangeLog

From: George Greer (
Date: 10/03/02

On Wed, 2 Oct 2002, Alex wrote:

>> When the latest CVS was put it, it looks like there was at least one set
>> of changes missed.
>> (And a note in the ChangeLog next time around is of course welcome.
>> Such an invaluable resource for figuring out what is different and
>> when it changed!)

Oops, I thought this code was part of Alex's update detailed in the
ChangeLog because I didn't remember doing it.  I'll have to figure out what
I was doing and write an entry for it.

>The Changelog isn't always updated right along with the CVS stuff.

This is true for the CVS '.tar.gz' versions, since they are an image of
what is currently contributed to the tree.  I frequently don't commit the
ChangeLog file until well after the changes themselves, so it'll be old in
many cases.

The '-bplXX.patch.gz' files contain the differences between my repository
and the last release, so they may include changes I'll never commit and may
exclude other developers' work that I have not yet pulled into my tree.

George Greer

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