Circle 3.0 bpl22 ("rc1")

From: George Greer (
Date: 10/04/02

There's a bpl22 release waiting on the FTP server now.

A word of warning first, I basically rewrote process_output() so there may
be lingering problems I didn't notice there.  The changes are intended to
gracefully handle the "socket write would block" problem but it's not
exactly an easy case to cause when the kernel buffers 64kB and CircleMUD
will only write 12kB per cycle.

Since 'coding.doc' is finally finished, give us some feedback on that.
Whether there's more detail needed in places, clarifications, or grammar

As the subject says, consider this "Release Candidate 1", though I pretty
much expect something to pop up due to the long delay since the last

George Greer

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