Re: Problems (again) with stop_follower

From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 10/05/02

On Fri, 4 Oct 2002, Mathew Earle Reuther wrote:

> I'm also handicapped by the fact that the only way I know how to run gdb
> is via the GUI that comes with cygwin.

See questions 4.11 and 4.12 of the FAQ.

>   if (ch->master->followers->follower == ch) {  /*Head of follower-list?*/

  print ch
  print ch->master
  print ch->master->followers

> 2) I don't get core files.

The Cygwin documentation indicates that it doesn't output Unix-y core
files, anyway, just textual stack traces which cannot be used by gdb for
debugging purposes.  Just attaching the debugger to the process should
suffice in this case.


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