Re: Updated, aclocal.m4, acconfig.c?

From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 10/06/02

On 02-10-06 02.50, "Daniel A. Koepke" <dkoepke@CIRCLEMUD.ORG> wrote:

> On Sun, 6 Oct 2002, Torgny Bjers wrote:
>> I still can't get it to work, so I am assuming that somebody patched
>> this into configure instead of and the other files, am I
>> correct?
> It doesn't appear so:
> % grep -n strlcpy circle30bpl21/cnf/
> 138:AC_CHECK_FUNCS(gettimeofday select snprintf strcasecmp strdup
> strerror stricmp strlcpy strncasecmp strnicmp strstr vsnprintf)
> 195:AC_CHECK_PROTO(strlcpy)
> Furthermore, the last commit of 'configure' was a regeneration from
> cnf/ by George on 16 April 2002.

I have those lines too.

Then why doesn't it turn on the NEED_STRLCPY_PROTO define?  If everything
was in those files, it should alter that line in, but it doesn't.

It does that in the bpl22 release, because if I diff the conf.h generated in
bpl22 and the conf.h that's generated from my configure, then the bpl22 one
has NEED_STRLCPY_PROTO defined, and that configure script is a lot longer
than the configure script I have.  Those checks for the protos are in there,
I looked, although I don't want to patch straight into my configure file,
since that file is -auto generated- as we all know. ;)

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