Serious problems with bpl22, help!

From: Peter d (
Date: 10/07/02

Well i got through the bpl22 pathing, i used my old prompt and skippet the
auto, because i don't need it.

i ran into a problem that is very annoying..
i researched into it, and it seems to occur at every room that is a
loadroom.. even the loadrooms. but it still happens to a former loadroom
after i set the character to another loadroom.. i don't really thing it has
anything to do with it.. can anyone help me with this.. and another thing..
when i exit oedit and medit, the screen doesn't react.. i don't get the
prompt up again, i have to type something, like look to see anything after
exiting the edit..
and no, i don't have gdb..

oh, i forgot to tell what happens when the problem at loadroom occurs..
well.. the screen starts rolling really fast for like 8 seconds.. leaving
pieces of the room desc on every roll..

help me

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