Re: Problems (again) with stop_follower

From: Mathew Earle Reuther (
Date: 10/07/02

Ok, I've been continuing hammering on my problem, and have discovered that
ch->master of each critter who dies (at least the ones who are crashing
the mud 5 seconds after boot) to something invalid.  I *think* one time
ch->master was set to my implementor character, but I'm not sure . . . as
well, my Implementor character had a master set (if it was indeed the imp
char . . .) I determined this by print *ch->master->(etc, etc) . . .

So, I've poured over my code, looking for anywhere master is set and such
and have found nothing strange at all! :(  I'm unsure of how to proceed on
this now.  It appears as if there's a problem outside of master being set
strangely in the code, which I guess means that I've got a memory
overwrite?  I'm really not very clear on how this works . . . :(

Can anyone suggest things to look for which I may be missing because I'm
not very experienced?  Thanks much in advance!


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