Re: Triggers do not always load

From: Mathew Earle Reuther (
Date: 10/09/02

On Wed, 9 Oct 2002, Carlton Colter wrote:

> problem.  Putting the if (bot>=top) ... above the vnum check.  Welcor
> posted what he is using in pl9, and I use it.  Thank you Welcor.  To
> Ronald, no thank you for sending me to what originally caused the problem.

Thank you Mathew for going into the archives and reposting what Welcor
said. :P

I think the point is just that you really should have found that yourself.
We're all guilty of not checking the archives as closely as we should
sometimes.  The fact that he sent you a fix that didn't work is not
indicative of anything other than it wasn't his code, so he couldn't
verify your problem.  He DID however find something which could have been
useful, and is in fact something I tried using in my quest to fix the same
problem.  Thus, it's a logical step . . . one which you had made, or would
have made had you actually done a thorough enough search.

You don't need to be annoyed with people for sending you references to
posts that don't work.  Be glad they bothered.  I'd kill for someone
yelling at me to check the archives if it would lead me towards a fix for
ANY bug.


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