Re: [NEWBIE] [SYSTEM-OS2] Problems compiling.

From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 10/09/02

On 02-10-09 22.18, "Michael W. Cocke" <cocke@CATHERDERS.COM> wrote:

> In <Pine.LNX.4.44.0210091349320.18024-100000@deadlands.localdomain>, on
> 10/09/2002
>  at 01:52 PM, Jesse Becker <hawson@TEMPEREDWEAVES.COM> said:
>> They recompile everything, optimized for Pentium (and better) x86 chips.
>> Things are packaged differently, and they (used to) default to using KDE
>> instead of Gnome.  In fact, Mandrake used to be pitched as "Redhat with
>> KDE".  There are some other differences regarding the installer, but
>> all-in-all, they are quite similar.
>> I've sucessufully run circlemud code on Mandrake systems, without
>> problems (aside from my own bugs).
> On Mandrake, either there's a command that I've never heard of named
> "this", or there's a bug in configure/makefile.  This occurs after I do my
> best to correct the 'no rule to make target ../bin/circle' problem....
> And there seems to be something very strange about the way the standard
> include files are coded for.  I have them, they're in the usual places
> (/usr/include and subdirs).  And sometimes they're even found...
> Sometimes.  limits.h, for example, is right there - but during make, I get
> a whole bunch of errors complaining that it cannot be found - sandwiched
> between the "success" messages...  for limits.h!

This almost sounds to me like you have not installed Mandrake properly with
all the C headers.  Perhaps you should look into that.  Have you downloaded
and configured any other software on the box lately?  Perhaps you should try
downloading something "complex" like MySQL or Apache, and try to configure
it, and see what happens?

Torgny Bjers

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