Re: [NEWBIE] [SYSTEM-OS2] Problems compiling.

From: Michael W. Cocke (
Date: 10/09/02

In <Pine.LNX.4.44.0210091349320.18024-100000@deadlands.localdomain>, on
   at 01:52 PM, Jesse Becker <hawson@TEMPEREDWEAVES.COM> said:

>They recompile everything, optimized for Pentium (and better) x86 chips.
>Things are packaged differently, and they (used to) default to using KDE
>instead of Gnome.  In fact, Mandrake used to be pitched as "Redhat with
>KDE".  There are some other differences regarding the installer, but
>all-in-all, they are quite similar.

>I've sucessufully run circlemud code on Mandrake systems, without
>problems (aside from my own bugs).

On Mandrake, either there's a command that I've never heard of named
"this", or there's a bug in configure/makefile.  This occurs after I do my
best to correct the 'no rule to make target ../bin/circle' problem....

And there seems to be something very strange about the way the standard
include files are coded for.  I have them, they're in the usual places
(/usr/include and subdirs).  And sometimes they're even found...
Sometimes.  limits.h, for example, is right there - but during make, I get
a whole bunch of errors complaining that it cannot be found - sandwiched
between the "success" messages...  for limits.h!

I'll put one more day into this - does anyone have a makefile that's known
to work that they can send me?

All I really wanted to do was run a small MUD for my family and friends -
this is starting to get deep.  I get quite enough seriously buggy code at
work, thanks.


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