[Newbie] [Code] Room Flags MSVC 6

From: brent (brack_78@yahoo.com)
Date: 10/09/02

is there a preset limit to how many room flags you can use while compiling under msvc 6.0?  I tried to add 4 rooms, already have 20, I know that I coded everthing properly.  Constants.c structs.h and oasis.h.

I can get them to work if I move them higher up on the list for example move roomflag 21 - 24 and make them 16-20...but the others that was originall 16-20 that is now 21-24 don't show.

seems like msvc is setting a limit of 20 roomflags.  If anyone knows away around this that would be greatly apprechiated.

I know that the same functions I'm coding can be used with mob_progs but I'd like to make it easier for building purposes.

Thanks in advance

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