Re: Build me a custom package

From: Mathew Earle Reuther (
Date: 10/12/02

On Fri, 11 Oct 2002, kkimo Vou wrote:
> > Circle Mud ( latest bpl )
> > Races
> > Oasis
> > Dg scripts
> > EZ Color
> > Build Walk
> > ASCII pfiles

If you'll settle for the latest 21 cvs, you can get most of that in an
easily patchable form at . . . no buildwalk, but
that's about a 15 minute archive search and 20 of modifying the patch from
the ftp site to reflect changes.  Color is literally about a 15 minute
patch.  (Making the actualy color code changes in your code takes a while,
of course.)

> it's better to figure the coding part out yourself and get to where you
> can install patches on your own. [. . .] but you really can't operate a
> mud if you can't figure out even the simplest portion of the code.

I started out with very little knowledge (I'd coded a bit on some ROM
source and derivatives a number of years back before giving up) back in
June.  At this point I've got a fairly decent build of circle which
incorporates things I thought I'd never be able to figure out.  I managed
to get my skill level up to the point it's at now by reding the snippets.
Trying to understand what they do, at the very least in a gross sense.

If you don't manage to put the easy pieces in, you'll never manage to run
a successful mud.  Handpatching is your friend, and so is time.  I went
through about 5 codebases (circle), discarding them as I decided to
restart, or I ran into something incredibly nasty, and by saving my notes,
modified snippets, and such, each time I was able to get further along,
and understand more.

I'm still a terrible coder.  But at least I'm a terrible coder who has
seen a few things before, and doesn't need help every day anymore. :)
(Just every 3 days, haha.)


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