[ADV] The Builder's Academy

From: Rumble (wintersn.geo@YAHOO.COM)
Date: 10/13/02

Prior (and future) Builders of TBA,

   TBA is approaching its second birthday. I thought I would drop everyone
an email who has participated (or would like to participate) in TBA
experience. We are still going strong and are interested in receiving some
feedback from past builders. We have recently gone through some important
changes. Welcor has taken over development of DG Scripts and uses TBA as
the development port for all of CircleMUD. We are no longer associated with
any player-based mud. In this way we hope to be available to help any mud
or member of the mudding community without any conflict of interests --our
main goal is to serve. Zemial is no longer with TBA as he has taken over
the helm at Cruelworld. We are now making ourselves available as a building
port to all of CircleMUD. We are always open to anyone willing to learn or
help teach so we can improve all of CircleMUD.

Creator of The Builder's Academy
enigma.dune.net 9091

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