Re: Build me a custom package

From: Sam Moggach (
Date: 10/13/02

>Maybe I misunderstood this...   I have a vanilla Circle30bpl22.  I applied
>the patch for oasisolc from your site.  The make failed with a bunch of
>undefined routine errors.
>dgscripts did the same thing, both with and without doing oasis first.
>What did I do wrong?

sometimes the patch fails to fix your makefile. if you do not include the
new patched files in your makefile you will get a whole bunch of undefined

oasis modifies your makefile by removing all the things from the BOTTOM of
the original makefile and putting them in their own file called "depend" you
will have to add the new files into your depend file, usually you'll find a
makefile.rej file which has failed to insert lines like "oasis.h: comm.h,
utils.h..." this is not exact, cause i do not have access to the exact code
at the moment but thats the main idea. hope this helps

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