Build me a custom package

From: tap3w0rm (
Date: 10/10/02

I don't know where to request this but here I go.

I am having problems hand patching a few snippets and patches
together that I want. So I am asking someone if they could
please if they are experienced in this aspect upload to the ftp
site a build with the following:

Circle Mud ( latest bpl )
Dg scripts
EZ Color
Build Walk
ASCII pfiles

Other little things I would love that I cant figure out is:
Flight ( I can do this myself if needed)

I can get the following to work but I would love it if it came this way:
Object stacking
Two handed only
Statedit for character creation

I hate to beg and I know I will get flamed but I am just having a rough

And honestly that is it I have tried over and over and somewhere things
have gone wrong and I end up with random crashes. This is when I compile
with either vc++6 or with redhat.

I just must be missing something. So if anyone has any interest in doing
I would love them to death.

Thanks people
-Brandon Allen

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