Re: DoS Attack through MUD...

From: Jason Pullara (
Date: 10/17/02

From: "Lyam ConDoin / Muerioch" <Lyam_ConDoin@HOTMAIL.COM>
> > 3. kick out players from menu (after 1 hour)
> Nice idea, but what if someone like me (a student) goes off to school,
> leaves his
> connection on. The MUD crashes, and he has a client with auto-login. The
> char
> will be stuck in the menu untill he actually returns from school (6 hours
> later).

Your on the menu screen - no harm, no foul. You reconenct when you get home.
Big whoop, it takes another 3 seconds to connect and login ;)

Besdies, what purpose does it serve to sit idle for 6 hours and eat up the
servers resources? Your just punted to the void anyway on stock circle ;)

(wow . . . its been a long time since Ive posted)


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