Re: DoS Attack through MUD...

From: Xerin (
Date: 10/17/02

> 1. only 50 players together
>  in config.c changed max_players = 50
>  (on my mud max 10 players play together)

I would say bad idea unless you plan on
not having a very large mud, or if your
mud is succesful, alot of angry people
who get "The Server is Full" and just
keep trying to connect over and over and
over again ;)

> 2. only 5 players from one site (one IP address)
> [code snip]

Me, personally, would make it 2 players (or
three if you are generous) players from one
site. One player shouldn't need 5 connections
open at any given time (unless they like 4 lvl
one healers healing there main char =P) and I
would make where you can add in the ability to
ignore certian IP's, those on a network/lan/
at university, etc.

> 3. kick out players from menu (after 1 hour)
> [SNIP]
I would have somthing to say on this, mainly
that 1 hour sounds pretty decent, because if
a player is using a snazzy client, then they
will just keep reconnecting over and over and
over again to the login (unless of course they
are nice to there imps), which I find the most
annoying thing while runing a mud T_T

Anyway, hope I did the message right, been along
time since I replied =/


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