Re: Class system and spell books

From: Wouter Bots (templarviper@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 10/21/02

On Sun, 20 Oct 2002 14:56:38 +0000, Mark Garringer <>

>>I'm sick and tired of the standard class system. (picking one class,
>> >leveling to get some skills.. Boring). Instead I want to do something
>> >different. I want players to enter the game classless, and be able to
>> >train some basic skills. If they're some levels higher, they might
>>a paladin guild, and practice some of the guild-specific spells.
>What I did was the following:
>Create a new class, CLASS_GENERIC. It mirrored CLASS_WARRIOR for all
>Remove the player choice, and force all players to start as CLASS_GENERIC.
>Created a bitvector setup to hold the 11 (or so) guilds I wanted.

I thought about this, but I want players to be able to, after they joined
a guild, change guilds. So, a level 1 player enters the game, and fights
himself up to level 5, at which he's able to join a guild. (My mud has 100
levels, plus 5 special levels) Then he joins the paladin guild, gets some
of the skills/spells, and quits it at level 30. The player will now have
some basic skills from the 1st 5 levels, plus some spells/skills from the
paladin guild. Then the player decides he likes the spells more than
skills, and joins the magic user guild. He will have now have the several
basic skills, and skills from the paladin guild, up to level 30. After
that, the player will receive the magic user skills from level 30 to level
70 for example. There is an endless amount of variations possible, so
that's why it's better to save the skills and spells, instead of just the
class numbers.

>Start as a generic class, join a guild (if you meet the requirements) and
>then the guild master changes your class to that.

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