Class system and spell books

From: Templar Viper (
Date: 10/20/02

I'm sick and tired of the standard class system. (picking one class, leveling to 
get some skills.. Boring). Instead I want to do something different.
I want players to enter the game classless, and be able to train some basic
skills. If they're some levels higher, they might join a paladin guild, and practice 
some of the guild-specific spells. Then, if the player has an evil alignment for too
long (Or just wants to quit the guild), the player gets booted from the guild, and
may join another one, anti-paladins for example. It is possible to assign every
player a CLASS_NEWBIE flag or so, and change it eventually when a player 
joins a guild, but this doesn't work when a player starts switching guilds. In 
fact, the spells and skills need to be saved. So, my question are, how can I
do this? Did anyone do this yet? 
Secondly, I want to implent a spell-book system, which are objects, in which
spells can be put. So, a certain object has 10 open spell slots, in which a 
magic user can put spells of thier choice. They need to hold the spellbook
in order to cast any spells. Any opinions on both of these subjects? Any
code examples?
Thanks for the attention.

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