Re: Class system and spell books

From: Mark Garringer (
Date: 10/20/02

>I'm sick and tired of the standard class system. (picking one class,
> >leveling to get some skills.. Boring). Instead I want to do something
> >different. I want players to enter the game classless, and be able to
> >train some basic skills. If they're some levels higher, they might >join
>a paladin guild, and practice some of the guild-specific spells.

What I did was the following:

Create a new class, CLASS_GENERIC. It mirrored CLASS_WARRIOR for all tables.

Remove the player choice, and force all players to start as CLASS_GENERIC.

Created a bitvector setup to hold the 11 (or so) guilds I wanted.

Modified the exp to level into a formula, which was a base plus the number
of guilds you were in.

Modified dg_scripts so that mobs could set or remove the guild bits on
players. (Guild masters)

This allowed players to belong to one more more guilds, and for special
guild master mobs to check (via trigger) if the players was up to 'guild
standanders' to join.

After all that was done, and worked wonderfully, I found out that I
misunderstood what the Imp wanted. He really didn't want to have players
belong to both the paladin and magi guilds at the same time so I removed the
bitvector stuff and went back to more of a hack on the CLASS system.

Start as a generic class, join a guild (if you meet the requirements) and
then the guild master changes your class to that.


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