Re: [CODE] Continuing Serious Problems, please Help

From: Mathew Earle Reuther (
Date: 10/22/02

On Tue, 22 Oct 2002, The Fungi wrote:
> Granted, I'm not you... But if I were, I would start with bpl22 and
> the various raw patches and then try patching in custom changes by
> hand, in logical chunks, until you find the bug. Time consuming, but

I appreciate the suggestion.  I guess that's what I'm going to do.  Start
with bpl22, patch in changes (I think I'll start with 22, oasis, dg, ascii
pf, since it appears to be ok right now . . . at least no oddness detected
easily) . . . but the only worry I really have is this: my code was ok
until I added certain things . . . but at that point, it didn't matter
WHAT changes I made . . . it would break.  :(  I mean, you know pretty
well that it's not actually what you're patching in when the only thing
the patches have in common is that they something new to structs.h . . .
and even then, I don't know that they had to do that . . . it's just so
hard to tell what may have gone wrong, and where . . . particularly
because everything has supposedly been pointing to a memory issue . . .
but efence didn't seem to spot anything meaningful.

> Plus, it will make your custom patches cleaner from that point on!

Well, they were decently clean before . . . *sigh* then everything got
munged up somehow.  Let's hope that this time they get better . . . or
I'll probably just end up tossing in the towel.  I can only spend so much
of life failing, and try try again doesn't seem like such good advice when
failure is so disheartening.

Thanks to everyone else who has been helping me.  I'm hoping that things
will eventually work as they are supposed to.


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