Re: [Code] Thaco Table bug

From: Jeremy M. (
Date: 10/24/02

Thanks for all your responses folks, I ended up fixing it before I got my
first response from the list however. What I did, which may or may not make
sense to most of you is commented out the mod = X; line completely.
Strangely it made sense to just remove that place holder completely and
instead change the (level * mod) to (level * 45) or whichever number I
wanted. Yes it's not "quite" as convenient in quickly changing values, but
in all truth it really isn't that much more of a hassle either. :P After
doing a hunt for any declaration of the variable mod, I realized it wasn't
declared and just figured I'd not bother. :P "To declare or not declare, now
that is the question." :P

If you would like this patch, launch me a private email outside of the list
and I'll attach my patch file to it.  My standard disclaimer is as follows:

Warning, this Implementor vaguely knows 3 programming languages, and has
learned two of those languages just barely enough to be dangerous with them.
As a matter of principal this Implementor is a HACK and isn't even remotely
delusional enough to claim to be an experienced coder. I am not responsible
for the nasty, evil things that could happen to your code and hereby suggest
that you back your stuff up first before applying this patch or any patch
for that matter. It is also hereby recommended that you handpatch any patch
you acquire from any site or list, to not only see the changes, but to learn
what each change does and means.



Darkness and Destiny MUD Implementor
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        Real Name: Jeremy M.

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