[Source Code] Anyone have some time?

From: Jeremy M. (jkm4802@hotmail.com)
Date: 10/25/02

After a few hours tonight of trying to patch in the aedit.patch it has come
to my attention that the mud source we're using in combination with the
older patches is either incapable of catering to the needs of the patch, or
unwilling to cater to the needs of the patch. My coder says that adding it
would indeed sacrifice certain other olc commands and therefore I'm forced
to make a decision.

If anyone has a patch level 21 with copyover, races, oasis olc, Aedit, and
Ascii pfiles, and your just letting it sit and collect virtual dust, let me
know pls?  If I'm going to give up a patch level 17 source with all that
stuff in it, I really would like an edge on the start over. heh..  Either
that, or if anyone has time to help us patch in a few things, that's cool

Armageddon aka Jeremy M.

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