[Sorta-long]HELP Advance command

From: Kevin Dethlefs (Demortes2004@aol.com)
Date: 10/25/02

Opponent:  / Tank:
5000(5000)hitp 5000(5000)mana 5000(5000)move> advance niecon 102
<< Niecon advanced 1 level to level 102. >>

Opponent:  / Tank:
5000(5000)hitp 5000(5000)mana 5000(5000)move> advance niecon 101
<< Niecon advanced to level 1 >>
<< Niecon advanced 9 levels to level 110. >>

I will put my class.c up at <A HREF="http://www.spunge.org/~demortes/class.c">http://www.spunge.org/~demortes/class.c>. Someone
suggested that it was thaco. I believe that I had set up the mage thaco
right... niecon is a mage. Please, help me if you can. If you need anything
else, email me personally, and I want to fix this bug. Ever level works with
advance except level 101, so I can't find out whats wrong. Although it does
look like it advances to level 1 first, and then to 110. 110 is my highest
level, IMP. 101 is my first immortal level. I don't know whats going on, but
jesus, I had this bug for some time now. I'm gonna run through all the
levels... I realized that I hadn't tested the below immortal levels to
immortal levels as well as I should. Immortal levels are what the problem is.
If the level is more than level 101 from level 1, it sets the level to 32.
That means set niecon 104 it puts niecon at level 32. 101 is the only one
that gives IMP status. Please help me.

Kevin Dethlefs

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