Re: [Sorta-long]HELP Advance command

From: Jeremy M. (
Date: 10/26/02

Have you tried looking at your Class Experience tables?
It looks like your max EXP may be typo'd or something. I think I did that at
one time myself.  I could be wrong, but it never hurts to check. Thaco
doesn't have anything to do with it.

I'll have to wing it as to what to look for since I use the experience
formula code to avoid the chaos of hundreds of case statements and arrays,
but it should be something like this:

    switch (level) {

Then just look for the correct case statement for level 100, ie.

      case 100: return 7400000;
     /* add new levels here */
      case LVL_IMMORT: return 8000000; <-- Make sure this is right!

Make sure you didn't add an extra zero and that for this class, the
experienced needed to immort coincides with the case statement and the
structs.h defines for each immortal level.

Hope this helps.

Jeremy M. aka Armageddon

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