Re: backdoor question

From: Greg Buxton (
Date: 10/26/02

>If one was to put in a back door to a game. How would they go
>about doing it? I need to check some code, i had a fellow imp
>go insane recently. So now my task is to make sure there is
>nothing else hard coded in that would provide this person with
>immortal access to the game in any way shape or form.

Best bet would be to start with checking all the GET_LEVEL and
player.level instances in the code.

Also I'd recommend checking through command_interpreter to see
if there might be a check to let a particular character name
run any command regardless of the information in the MCL entry.

This is of course given that there isn't already another imm
character created and sitting unused for a "just in case need."

Good luck on the code checking.

- Greg

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