[OasisOLC] To page or not to page?

From: Mythran (kip_potter@hotmail.com)
Date: 10/27/02

Ok, because vnums can go beyond 100 per zone, how should I go about paging using the list commands?  If I page them, I will have to catch MAX_STRING_LENGTH otherwise it will crash the mud.  The other option, which I have temporarily chosen, is to send all the data using send_to_char one line at a time.  This can possibly dc the builder that is listing the room/zones/blah, but it is better than crashing the mud as well as it may or may not dc the user...hmmm.....what would you do?


OasisOLC patch soon to come!!!  Almost done, have some testing to do, and I need a couple of testers!!  If interested, let me know...again...

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