Re: backdoor question

From: Mythran (
Date: 10/28/02

Gee, and I thought I explained it real simply.
> If it's his box, that's simple.  If it's hosted elsewhere then there's
> problems.  He's worried about a coder putting backdoors in his mud.  I'm
> thinking in terms of a good coder with malicious intent who could/would
> want to root the box.
> -me

Yeah, but if it is someone else's box (hosted on a host site), then the coder
probably never had access to root in the first place.  If it is a box worth
hosting on, then it would be protected and only the mud would have to be checked
thoroughly.  Even so, this wasn't a flame, just an opinion so just in
case....don't take it that way :P

Love ya all :)


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