Re: backdoor question

From: Mathew Earle Reuther (
Date: 10/29/02

On Mon, 28 Oct 2002, Mysidia wrote:

> 1. Only with a complete audit can you be 100% certain.
 <cut over a dozen other ideas>

I think the biggest lesson any of us can take away from this thread (other
than te good ideas people have brought up) is that it's not safe to trust
people touching your code.  The only way you can be sure it's going to not
have backdoors in it is to be working with only people you can completely

This is one reason it's so difficult to get a quality piece of mud
running.  People have too little respect for each other, and will
deliberately attempt to cause others difficulty.

This works both ways.  Some people brought in to code are used, and then
have their access revoked by an admin for no real reason, thus they lose
control over their own hard work.

When you're working with a team, make sure you're working with people who
have an understanding of what it takes to be a team member.  Treat
everyone with respect, and don't get into pointless fights . . . because
the people who really suffer in the end are the players who will never get
to see that hark work if the mud runs into inter-staff problems.


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