Re: [CVS] Hellish problems.

From: Mythran (
Date: 10/30/02

This sounds like a Makefile problem.  The error messages can be duplicated by not
adding the files to but adding them to Makefile.  Makefile is not
checked in like the source code files while is.  Configure will
autmatically generated the correct makefile for you when you checkout, this is
for those peeps who have multiple programmers working on different flavors of
*nix (And others) that can checkout using CVS on the server.  They just run
configure after a checkout so the proper dependancies can be made on there
machine and so they can develop the mud on that specific platform.  Therefore, if
you EVER change Makefile, change also.  Otherwise, you will get yer

So, the fix for you is to add in the files that are missing from
You probably have race.c or races.c or similar that define race_names.  In this
case, add this file to under object files (and possibly CXREF if you
use it). Then recompile.  Repeat as desired.


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