Re: [Code][Idea] Policy Edit

From: Jeremy M. (
Date: 10/31/02

>From: Jeff Maynard <jlm@HE.NET>

>Isn't that what tedit does?  I'm pretty sure tedit.c will edit all of the
>text files the mud uses including policy.


You are quite correct Jeff, however the traditional structure for policy
files consist of a large and very cluttered bulk file in lib/text/policies.
Now this was great back in the days before Oasis and all that snazzy circle
propoganda we have now, but in a conventional project, a much more
structured approach is really required. If you notice with tedit, you are
editting that single file which can become very encumbersome as your project
grows. Under an hedit type structure, the policies can be accessed much like
the help files, and are parsed into the file by what I refer to as position
hashes and identifiers.

Now, basically what a pedit system does, is uses the hedit routines and
structures to make policy files.  In doing so, the policy command commonly
used for displaying the monster file for policies on your mud becomes an
index file which you can create to list your policy sections and subsections
adding that much more organized look and approach. Then you create your new
entry in the editor, it parses the entry to file ,and viola, you've got a
good online policy editor which better organizes your mud policy file

I imagine a policy editor and structure that will be quickly accessible,
organized and convenient. And if you have a 30 page policy file, getting to
a particular section in it could be as tedious as mowing the lawn in 110
degree heat with a pair of longjohns on and winter attire on as well. With a
new and improved system, simply typing something like policy remort, and
getting your information sure sounds better. :P

Jeremy M. aka Riodan

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