Re: [Code][Idea] Policy Edit

From: Shane P. Lee (
Date: 10/31/02

> I imagine a policy editor and structure that will be quickly
> accessible,
> organized and convenient. And if you have a 30 page policy file,
> getting to
> a particular section in it could be as tedious as mowing the lawn in
> 110
> degree heat with a pair of longjohns on and winter attire on as well.
> With a
> new and improved system, simply typing something like policy remort,
> and
> getting your information sure sounds better. :P
> Jeremy M. aka Riodan

I personally see no reason to go that far with policies. It would
be so much simpler to keep your "policy" information in the help
files, right up there with commands and socials. You could have
named branches and still have it listed generally.


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