[server] assorted problems with red hat 7.2

From: Ben D Heise (sten2u@juno.com)
Date: 10/31/02

well, after the problems hosting on my OS X box, I decided it was time to dedicate a computer to the mud. so I threw together a 133mhz pentium-s from parts laying around, and that works fine. then I installed red hat, and the problems began.

problem 1: the installation is always different. I installed red hat 7 times, and each time one menu or another was/wasnt there. (I thought only windows randomly creates new features?) this is more of a complaint.

problem 2: when I set up the firewall during installation, I set it to high security, with all but ssh running, and port 4000:tcp set as an extra open port. but after installation when I run setup, the firewall is set to max, but the trusted devices/settings are not there. where is the firewall file? I have a few books, but they all use the GUI, which brings me to my 3rd problem

problem 3: I install gnome, and on bootup it says it is running init 5, however it boots to text mode. this is probably the video card setting, but any help would be appreciated.

problem 4: my hardware firewall/router assigns the linux box a DHCP network address, and linux can get to the internet. however, inside the network on any other computer, the linux box is like a ghost, and I keep getting replys back about that host being down.

rather a big mess, but I would appreciate any help on any part.

thanks all!

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