Re: [CODE][OASIS] Extra object flags

From: Christian Ejlertsen (
Date: 10/31/02

> so basicly i am stuck with 32 aff flags if i am stock .. how to i get
> beyond
> this problem
> without too much work.

I would recommend patching in the 128 bit patch. It does take some efford to put in,
but it's easy expandable and you don't have to remember if the flag was the AFF2 or AFF3.

> [Bill Pascoe] Well the only thing I know of is to add a patch called 128
> bit. What it does is save your flags in your wld files vice having defines
> for them . The main problem that I see  ( the reason I havent it either) is
> that you have to convert all of your wld files over. I dont know how much
> work that is. I do  know that someone has made a converter program on the
> FTP website that will convert them for you.
>   But other than that yah we are stuck with 32 flags with a stock mud.

As for updating your world files, when using olc that's not a big problem and can be done in 3 steps.

1. Add the new fields to the save function, make, boot the mud.
2. Now just save all the your zones, redit save <zonenumber>
3. Add the load portion of the code in db.c, make, boot the mud.

This way can used for any new field you want to put into your world files.


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