Re: [Code][Temp Help Needed] Aedit_16.patch

From: Mythran (
Date: 10/31/02

From: "Jeremy M." <jkm4802@HOTMAIL.COM>
> As some of you may know I've been working with two of my coders to get Aedit
> patched into my source. However, one of my coders is still new to coding in
> Circlemud, and the other stayed up with me last night for roughly 4 hours
> trying to patch it in without success.  This marks the second attempt at
> doing so. If any of the experienced hard hitting Circle coders on this list
> have any time available for a one shot one kill coding venture, please give
> me a holler. At this point, I'm not picky, I just want to get that damn
> thing in so I can move on with my project.
> We operate under CVS, in a linux mandrake o/s.
> The mud is a Circlebpl17 with:
> Oasis OLC 2.0
> DG Scripts
> Assemblies
> ASCII pfiles
> Obuild (modified zlist command)
> Hedit 2.0 (modified)
> Percentages
> Color system
> Copyover
> Pretitle code
> Thaco,Save,Exp formulas
> Namechange
> Osay/OOC channels
> Jeremy M. aka Riodan

And yet, if you wait for a few will find that OasisOLC will probably
come with HEDIT and AEDIT :P


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