Re: [CODE] New DG script patches out.

From: Thomas Arp (
Date: 10/31/02

From: "Thomas Arp"
> I've finally gotten the patches ready enough to launch pl 9.
> They have been submitted to the CircleMud FTP site, but until they get
> moved to the correct locations, you can get them here:
> Read the readmes for more info on what they do.

I've gotten quite a bit of direct mails on this one, so here's a short
transcript from a readme file regarding fixes and updates for this release;

New changes in patch level 9:

    Added 'file' command to show in-game the contents of some of the log
    -- by Haddixx
    Added context sensitive help system for all OLC menus.
      This is currently not finished as most of the help files need to be
      Contributions are accepted :)
      To make this help work, copy the file named 'contexthelp' to lib/text/
    Fixed (some) typos in demo triggers.
    Fixed bug causing "can't carry the weight" message to override triggers.
    Fixed bug causing ACT triggers not to work.
    Fixed bug causing logs like 'object #-1 foo has unknown bit bar set',
      by moving the iteration near the call to check_object in db.c
    Made script_log, wld_log, mob_log and obj_log use variadic args.
    Removed all global buffers from script files.
    Fixed bug in mpurge. Object vars can now be used as argument: %purge%
    Made valid_dg_target usage more obvious - ALLOW_GODS macro instead of
    Added oat command, thanks to PurpleOnyx.
    Made oat, wat and mat available as %at%.
    Fixed bug in trigedit causing crashes when given an empty script.
    Made the wizard 'attach' command accept 'object', 'mobile' or 'room'
      for those who can't remember 'otr', 'mtr' and 'wtr'. Both work now.
    Fixed bug causing game to crash if set to long waitstates, and detached.
    Added field - gives roomvar of object.
    Added check to prevent PCs from having triggers attached through
    Fixed the notoriously faulty real_trigger() from pl8.
    Added file validity check in read_saved_vars to prevent crashes if no
    Fixed crash bug in script freeing in free_mobile()
    Made triggers set via zone file save correctly.

  General OLC enhancements:
  Note: The additions below are 'general' OLC enhancements.
  I added them in my running code, for it to work as a fullscale builder
  When these items are available in an OasisOLC patch of their own, they
  be removed from my patches. Until then, I guess this is OasisOLC 2.0.2,
    Added list commands for rooms/objs/mobs
    Added dig/rclone/buildwalk commands
    Added more info (vnums) when ROOMFLAGS toggle is on.
    Fixed copy_ex_descriptions() and copy_room_strings() crash bugs when
    Added can_edit_zone() function.
    Made create_new_zone save to disk right away.
    Fixed zedit !=NOWHERE -> ==NOWHERE bug
    Added oedit 'abort quit' option.
    Fixed small OasisOLC bug - unaffect now removes all affects, including
      flags from items, at least until next save.


Oh, yes, and the current TODO, as I see it:

ToDo for pl10: Make the variable parser faster (skip a lot of the str_cmp()
               Allow players to have certain script types attached.
               Add DRINK and EAT trigger types for objects.
               Speed up the code.
               Make triggers use unsigned vnums.
               Find the find_end() bug.
               Remove free_script() function - never used.
               Plug all memory leaks.



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