Multiclassing, my way

From: peter dahlgren (
Date: 11/02/02

Hi everyone.

i am planning a multiclass system of my own, because none of the multiclass systems on the ftp is anything interesting..

what i want is, that people can multiclass at any point in the game, and when they do, they just gain a class and stop leveling the current one. for example, the player was a level 15 mage, and decided to become a warrior, then from the next level, he is mage 15/warrior 1...

and so on, he can do it 5 times, so 6 classes in total, the skills stay, i know how to do this, i am going to make an array for the classes, like byte multi_class[4], and just have a for loop go through all values.. what i need help with is a clean way to do all this, and a nice menu that doesn't show classes you already are..

i also want to put in a prestige class system.. that if you are over level 20 with warrior and over level 5 cleric, you can choose templar or something like that, also in a menu that doesn't show classes you have or can't have..

that is all, off-list is appreciated too.. :)


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